Dinner menus


1 Mixed entrée

Choice of satay stick spring roll, curry puff, calamari serve with sweet chilli sauce

 2 Satay stick (4)
GFMarinated chicken tenderloin serve with peanut sauce
 3 Spring roll (4)Thai style spring roll with mixed vegetablesvermicelli serve with sweet chilli sauce $8.90
 4 Fish cake (4) GF
Thai fish cake serve with sweet chilli sauce and cucumber
 5 Calamari ring (6)
Deep fried calamari serve with sweet chilli sauce
 6 Curry puff (4)
Pastry filled with chicken mince, potatoes, peas, and yellow curry
 7 Tasty wing (6)
Marinated mini wings and drumette in homemade sauce
 8 Golden bag (4)
Chicken minced, corns and peas wrap in crispy spring roll sheet
 9 BBQ pork stick (4) GF
Marinated pork with special tasty Thai homemade & herbs serve
 10 Prawn wrapper (4)                                                                                     Deep fried prawn wrapped with spring roll sheet $9.90
11 Coconut prawn (4) King prawn dipped in shredded coconut deep fried serve with sweet chilli sauce $9.90


Tom Yum (GF)Classic thai soup with mushroom slices and fresh Thai herb Chicken
Prawns or Seafood
Tom Kha (GF)Coconut milk soup with slices of mushroom and Thai herb Chicken
Prawns or Seafood

Thai Salad

14 Larb chicken mince only (GF)
Famous country style salad cooked with lemon juices, onion, mint, ground roasted rice and touch of chilli flakes
15 Thai beef salad (GF)
B.B.Q beef and seasoned with lemon juice and Thai herbs then mixed with our spicy tangy sauce serve with garden salad
16 Prawn salad (GF)   
Prawn cooked and mixed with fresh chilli, onion, Mint, lemon juice, and Thai dressing
17 Sea side salad (GF)
Selected seafood mixed with chilli, onion, mint, lemon juice, and Thai dressing

Thai Curries

Chicken, Beef, or Pork $16.90
Prawn or Seafood    $20.90
Vegetables  $15.90
18 Red Curry (medium) GFThai style home made red curry paste with coconut milk, pea, green bean, and bamboo shoots sprinkle with fresh basil
19 Green Curry (Hot) GFThai style home green curry paste with coconut milk, pea, green bean andbamboo shoots sprinkle with fresh basil
20 Penang curry (Mild) GFTraditional Thai style mild curry with coconut milk, and pea only
21 Massaman Beef (Mild) GF
Tender chunky meat slowly cooked in mild sweet massaman curry with potatoesand coconut cream dressing
22 Thai duck curry (GF)
Boneless B.B.Q duck cooked in red curry with cherry tomatoes,pineapple slices, lychee and peas
23 Kari chicken curry (GF)  
Creamy traditional yellow mild curry with onion and potatoes


Stir fried

Chicken, Beef, or Pork $16.90
Lamb                                                $20.90
Prawn or Seafood    $20.90
Vegetables  $15.90
24 Cashew nut spices
Delicious stir fried with oyster sauce, chilli jam, mixed vegetables and cashew nut
25 Garlic & Pepper Stir fried with oyster sauce with fresh garlic and pepper served with carrot & brocoli
26 Basil (Hot) Stir fried with fresh chilli, green bean, capsicum, onion, and basil
27 Oyster sauce Stir fried with oyster sauce and vegetable
28 Lemon grass spices (Hot) Stir fried with fresh lemongrass, chilli, basil, corn, mushroom, capsicum, and onion
29 Satay Lover Stir fried with homemade satay sauce serve on steam carrot and broccoli
30 Thai sweet & sour Homemade sweet and sour sauce with cherry tomatoes, pineapple,Cucumber, onion and shallot
31 Ginger Stir fried with baby ginger, onion, shallot, mushroom, and baby corn



(Fish fillet, Mussel, Prawn, Scallop, Squid)

32 Yellow curry prawn                                                                       Stir fried prawn with yellow curry, onion, Shallot, egg and capsicum $20.90
33 Millionaire Paradise
Seafood stir fried with chilli jam, vegetable and a touch of cheery wine
34 Salt & Pepper prawn or Squid
Deep fried prawn or squid tossed with garlic, shallot and Thai seasoning
35 Snow pea seafood
Seafood stir fried with crispy snow pea, onion, carrot, and homemade sauce
36 Prawn paradise
Prawn deep fried until crispy serve on bed of steamed vegetable with satay sauce
37 Choo Chee Fish (Medium)
Lightly battered fish stir fillet stir fried in choo chee curry paste and vegetable


Chef’s Signature

38 Fig Lamb
Lamb fillet stir fried with chilli jam, sun dried fig, black pepper,capsicum, shallot and sprinkle of fried onion
39 Juicy roast duck basil
Boneless B.B.Q duck stir fried with fresh chilli, basil, onion, bean and capsicum
40 Macca Mango (chicken, beef, pork)
Stir fried with sun dried mango slices, crushed macadamia, chilli jamcapsicum, carrot and snow pea
41 Chooky Prawn
Prawn and chicken fillet stir fried with snow pea, onion, carrot, andhomemade tasty sauce
42 Coconut lime prawn
Coconut lime Maloolaba prawn
Prawn sautéed with chilli jam, lime juice, lime slices, coconut cream,baby ginger, capsicum, onion and shallot


43 Maca prawn delight
Maca Maloolaba prawn
Prawn stir fried with oyster sauce, chilli jam, snow pea, capsicum,and crushed macadamia


44 Crunchy Crab
Deep fried until golden brown with, pepper, garlic, and shallotand homemade five spices


Thai Style B.B.Q


45 B.B.Q Chicken
Thigh fillet marinated in homemade sauce and spice serve withSweet chilli sauce
46 B.B.Q prawn
B.B.Q maloolaba prawn
Tiger prawn marinated with garlic, and pepper and homemade sauceServe with sweet chilli sauce


Thai Curries

Vegetable & Tofu (on request) $14.90
Chicken, beef or pork $14.90
Prawn or Seafood $19.90
47 Pad ThaiRice noodle stir fried with pad Thai sauce, beansprout, garlic chives, and tofuAnd crushed peanut, lemon on the side
48 Basil Noodle (medium)Stir fried flat noodle with chilli, basil, garlic and vegetable
49 Pad Se Iwe Stir fried flat noodle with sweet soy sauce, egg and vegetable
50 Thai Fried rice Fried rice with soy sauce egg, peas and vegetable
51 Bangkok basil fried rice (medium) Spicy fried rice style with egg, vegetable and basil leaf
52 Thai Jasmine Rice Small $3.00
Large $5.00
53 Coconut Rice Large $6.00


Drink Menu

1 Soft drink (coke, lemonade, Fanta) $3.00
 2 Fruit juice (orange juice, apple juice $3.50
 3 Ginger beer     $3.50
 4 Lemon lime and bitters    $3.50
 5 Mineral water $3.50
 6 Thai Ice Tea   $3.50
 7 Thai Ice Coffee $3.50
 8 B.Y.O. (Per Person) $2.00

Kid’s Menu

1 Chicken Nuggets (6Pcs) w chips $8.50
 2 Fish finger (6Pcs) w Chips $8.50
 3 Calamari ring (8Pcs) w Chips     $8.50
 4 Satay stick (3Pcs) w rice   $8.50


1 Deep fried ice cream topping with caramel sauce $6.50
 2 Sticky rice serve with Thai custard $7.50
 3 Sticky rice with Mango    (seasonal)        $9.50
 4 Banana wrapped in sticky rice serve & ice cream $8.50
 5 Deep fried banana serve with vanilla ice cream      $9.50
 6 Plain vanilla ice cream 1scoop
Strawberry, Chocolate, Caramel topping

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